Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grandpa's Visit

Rachel really enjoyed have the Grandpa around especially since it was over the time of her birthday. It was very hot, and Grandpa spent a lot of time in the pool and in the air coned house, but he had good quality time with his granddaughters, both Rachel and Evangeline. He really loves his "girls", and even helped clean the chairs for the party.
Rachel really loves her Grandpa, and misses him stacks, every time she sees a white bearded man on the TV, she doesn't say, look Father Christmas, she says Look it's Grandpa!

Rachel's 4th Birthday

I know, it has been over 6 months since this Mommy has updated her daughters blog, but as I say better late then never. Well on the 6th March 2011 was Rachel's 4th Birthday, Dad decided to pull out all the stoppers for this one, we had friends and family and most important a Jumping Castle. Rachel really had a ball of a time. Her theme was Hello Kitty, and Mom as able to make a Hello Kitty Cake. We even had Hello Kitty biscuits!
Rachel was spoilt with lots of presents and by the time the afternoon came everyone was exhausted, but the most important thing was that Rachel enjoyed her 4th birthday. Thanks again for all that helped out and attended.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quality time with the Daddy!

Mommy started her night shift last week, and Daddy got to spend lots of quality time with Rachel. He helped her get dress and ready for bed. Rachel loves to cimb on Daddys shoulders, she had just come out of the bath this time, so she looks abit like a drowned rat. Then it was time to pull out the lap top, (thanks to Granny for the lap top) so that they can play games. Rachel loves the computer, but she knows that she can only play with it if someone is with her. Quality time is great, the only problem that Mommy has is that Daddy still doesn't know how to plat hair, God willing that will come soon, or maybe Rachel will end up teaching Daddy how to do it. She really does miss the Mommy when she has to go to work night shift, but Mommy is very happy to know that she is in good hands with a great Daddy like this.

Time to Iron

Well, Rachel is a really little home maker. She loves to tidy up, sweep and even Iron. Granny got her the ironing board and iron before she was even born, so for all we know she might have already wanted to iron before she came out. She loves to iron all her clothes before packing them away in her chest of draws, she folds them herself and packs them all way so neatly. Mommy is very surprised and wonders where she gets that from, because she knows it's not from her. As long has she is enjoying herself and one less thing for Mommy to do, who should complain.

Braai Time!

Mommy and Daddy find any excuse to braai, it was a great day, friday, sun was shining, that is the best excuse. Rachel was very happy to help Evangeline finish her Baker-Baker cup cake that afternnon. They really enjoyed sitting on the trampoline stuffing their faces. Needless to say that when the meat was done, Mommy had a bit of trouble trying to get Rachel to eat. That is par for the course. Even Peanut go to get some cup cake. Mommy had fun too, just to relax from the studying for a while, and spend some good quality time with the family. The Yon's are so blessed to live where they do, to enjoy the open air, and Braai vleis!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun at Mitchell Park with the Dankers

Last Saturday we all went to Mitchell park to have a picnic lunch with the Dankers, Jessica, Clayton and (not so little) Jordan, who will be 3 this year in June. Fun was had by all and a real day was made of it, Mommy got a bit sunburnt even though it was over cast. After the park we went to the Dankers flat, there was a bit of a wait as we went to the park in two cars and stayed to almost 10 at night, Rachel had a blast, watching movies and even had a bath over there. She enjoyed playing with someone elses toys, loved the Donkey that she could jump with.

Visit to Duck and Deck


At the end of last year, the Yon family went to the Duck and Deck animal farm. Great fun was had by the whole family, they made a real day of it. First Rachel got to feed the goats and the sheep, the Rachel got a ride on the pony, with Mommy walking along side. Mommy then got to rest as Rachel wanted her to with when she

went on the pony cart ride. Mom was rather scared to see how fast those pony's could go. Mommy even wanted to get off at one stage when they were going up the hill and she thought they were struggling a bit under her weight. Rachel really enjoyed herself and should go again soon.